DJ Puseletso

Old School RNB & Hip Hop Music Lover

Puseletso is a mother of two girls, a lover of old school music, be it house, Rnb nor Soul. Very passionate about life and sees every obstacle as a blessing. She’s also a freelance news reporter, who’s crazy about the entertainment industry.

She grew up in a household where music was everything, from the likes of Brooke Benton’s records playing on Sundays when she recalls as a toddler, to your R. Kelly’s in her teen years. I am the youngest of the three and the only girl “she said with a naughty smile in her face”, no wonder I have turned out to be the tomboy I am today, there’s nothing she doesn’t do that boys do. In addition to that her passion for music is what drove me to be a DJ.

People generally underestimate my talent, I had to prove myself continuously and show that I am worth their money. Some event organizers even go to an extend of not wanting to pay or negotiate for a lesser amount because I am a female, which may be quite frustrating because at the end of the day we all want to put food on the table. Another challenge would be event organizers trying to make sexual demands on you instead of keeping things professional. One must have a thick skin in this business and not be easily persuaded.

DJ Puseletso as they call her, she enjoys playing Soul and Rnb or Hip-hop, mostly old school. She prefers playing for a matured crowd.

The joy that she knows music brings to people. I’ve always wanted to be the one that serves that purpose.

Events are mostly on weekends and she always request for early slots so that she doesn’t stay away from family for too long. She even tries to spend as much time as she can with her loved ones, she brags about her supportive family and how they understand the entertainment filled and her type of job she does.

Lockdown has affected everyone in the music/entertainment industry immensely because our income is based on events. It’s now that we’ve learnt the importance of having side hustles that are outside this industry.

Personally, it has affected me positively because I have now ventured into other businesses that are challenging but at the same time exciting. It has given birth to the new me.

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