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Unathi Tebogo Nare is a mother of two and a wife before anything else. She is living proof of a Butterfly, that you can go through the darkness moments of your life and still come out beautiful. Her poise, elegance and amazing heart is what sets her apart from the rest.

She is knowledgeable, outspoken, highly determined and skillful, yet compassionate when working with people. As a natural community builder, Unathi knew early on in her life that providing for the need and encouraging people to the right direction were her passion and would one day form part of her portfolio of businesses. God fearing woman and believe that with God as her guider and provider, there is no limitation to her vision of changing the world into a better place. Through the Women Ministry “ThubaPeloMosadi” she has managed to reach out to 10 000 women who needs support and mentoring.

She is MS Elite Global United 2020, Mrs. Africa Global United 2019, Face of Africa 2019, well known as “Unathi”. Currently working as a Wellness Coordinator, an Entrepreneur, Motivational Speaker, and a Women and youth mentor. She loves Singing and interacting more with women on leadership and Empowerment. Unathi, as they call her, has an optimistic view on life, guidelines that are always useful and can balance her life. She is patient and has a great attitude towards couching.

She strongly believes that the greatest treasures of life are found within a person & its one’s responsibility to unleash them and serve the purpose. She neither looks down on other people nor judges their way of living
instead she gets to know and understand each person. She has learned that it’s not where you come from but where you are going and never let any situation or encounter define who you are. Each woman is more than my
struggle and more than her tragedy. This journey gave her opportunity to meet new people who believe in the same causes that inspired her.

She’s the founder and CEO of ThubaPeloMosadi, UnathiN Foundation, Mrs – Mr and Miss Community, Founder and Editor of TPM Lets Talk Women Magazine : MD Diphetogo Corporate Wellness PTY LTD

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