Lady Colleen

Woman With A Big Strong Heart

Lady Colleen, resilient woman who loves God, a survivor, mother, wife, DJ, businesswoman and a founder of Pitse Ya Sekao Foundation. She loves good things and always maintaining peace with others and helping those in need.

She loves and respect others and in return her expectations are the same “do unto others as you will like them to do unto you” she always try to see the bigger picture, because she know that life will always have its ups and downs. She has learned from her own mistakes, she clearly doesn’t wear her energy down by blaming others or blaming herself, she always stays focused.

She has always believed that helping others it’s a fundamental part of humanity, bonding together and helping a fellow man or woman. Lady C believe that God choose her to help the homeless people because she remembers how she used to give like any other person would give but when the lockdown started she started having sleepless nights thinking about ,how homeless people are going to survive, and by that time she was caring for one to whom she shared food and clothes with and during the first week of lockdown she will sneak out to give him food then found him with a group of friends then had to make sure they all eat and it all started from there as she had to prepare more food for all on daily basis.

I was sexually abused and molested as a child and it really affected me a lot, especially when growing up because the healing process can be painful
regardless of age or gender, the impact of sexual violence goes far beyond any physical injuries.

The trauma of being raped or sexually assaulted can be shattering, leaving you feeling scared, ashamed, and alone or plagued by nightmares, flashbacks, and other unpleasant memories. The world doesn’t feel like a safe place anymore. You no longer trust others. You don’t even trust yourself. You may question your judgment, your self-worth, and even your sanity. You may blame yourself for what happened or believe that you’re “dirty” or “damaged goods.” Relationships feel dangerous, intimacy was scary just to think about it. And on top of that, like many rape survivors, you may struggle with PTSD, anxiety, or depression.

God pulled her through, Prayer made her day easier, family and husband support filled her with million strength to regain her sense of control, rebuilding her self-worth, and learning to heal. Lady C has learned that it is important to remind yourself that you have strengths and coping skills that can get you through tough times. One of the best ways to reclaim your sense of power is through, volunteer your time, giving back, reaching out to friends who needs your support, or donating to charity.

It’s safe to say that everyone reading this has been affected by the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic by now, since it was declared coronavirus, life turned upside down. Who would have thought the crisis would turn so worse. Countless people lost their lives because of this however the condition is getting worse every day and things are taking a toll as people want to protect themselves and their families.

What’s also adding to the scare is the horrifying news and information being circulated on social media timelines. This is the time when one needs to understand how the general public thinking is, reaction and their responds toward the epidemic (VOVID-19). What are their believes, what are they doing to protect themselves and a lot more. She encourages individual to pray against the spirit of fear and protection over our country.

Lady C would like to continue to serve those in need of food, clothes and warm bedding therefore if your willing to donate kindly follow her of Facebook : Lady Colleen Mornalisa Pitse

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